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Since 1995, we have been operating to the masses out of various hotels/pubs and publicly permitted locations across Sydney. Aside from regular hotel bookings, we've now expanded the operations to also offer a full private social function and party catering service.


Great Aussie BBQ was initially born in the beer garden of the Coogee Bay Hotel in Sydney's Eastern suburbs and held a regular residency there for many years as well as at the Steyne Hotel in Manly and Mounties in Mount Pritchard.


MAL WARD, owner of GREAT AUSSIE BBQ, has been in the hospitality industry for over 35 years.


“I loved doing the BBQ in my spare time”, says MAL, “and I always hoped it would eventually lead to a full-time lifestyle choice”. Mal has always enjoyed cooking and eating BBQ food and definitely enjoys a bit of banter with the customers, whilst doing the job he loves. Luckily for Mal, and for the public, Mal has made a career out of cooking barbecues.


For 27 years, Great Aussie BBQ has been going from strength to strength and we challenge you to find a better corporate, private or mobile BBQ service.

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